Sea Turtles and Fisheries Observers

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Sea Turtle Life History Form and Manual
(Updated 03/2013)

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Training Presentations

Equipment Inventory Lists

Complete Inventory Equipment List

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Observer Training Videos

The training videos below will be downloaded onto your local computer for viewing. They are MPG files. The video size in megabytes (MB) is listed as well as the length of the video in minutes. Depending on the speed of your connection and computer this may take several minutes. download QuickTime exit arrow icon.

video screenshot of turtle in water
Sea Turtle Observer Video
complete version (103.0 MB) 34:23 min
**Please note that this video file is the complete version encompassing all the videos below and may take a couple minutes to download. You may view individual chapters below:

video screenshot
Removing Fishing Gear from Longline Caught Sea Turtles
[mpg] (257.0 MB) 25:13 min
Video mpeg details the tools and techniques for safely removing hooks and line from incidentally captured sea turtles.

In addition to the complete mpeg version, this video has been translated into Spanish and Vietnamese and sectioned into chapters:

Removing Fishing Gear from Longline Caught Sea Turtles

Como extraer aparejos de pesca de las tortugas atrapadas en sedales de palangre
(Spanish translation)

Tiếng Việt Nam
(Vietnamese translation)

(81.7 MB) 25:02

(84.1 MB) 24:58

Tất cả
(84.1 MB) 25:00

(7.5 MB) 2:10

(7.7 MB) 2:10

Phần 1
(7.8 MB) 2:10

Section 1: Tools for removing fishing gear from sea turtles
(17.2 MB) 5:07


Seccion 1: Herramientas para remover el aparejo de pesca de tortugas marinas
(17.1 MB) 5:07

Phần 2
(17.1 MB) 5:07

Section 2: Removing fishing gear from sea turtles which cannot be boated
(18.7 MB) 5:40

Seccion 2: Como remover el aparejo de pesca de tortugas marinas que no se pueden embarcar
(19.6 MB) 5:40

Phần 3
(19.6 MB) 5:40

Section 3: Removing fishing gear from turtles which can be boated
(31.3 MB) 9:29

Seccion 3: Como extraer aparejos de pesca de tortugas que se pueden embarcar
(34.5 MB) 9:29

Phần 4
(30.8 MB) 9:29

(7.7 MB) 2:25

(8.2 MB) 2:29

Phần 5
(8.2 MB) 2:31

video screenshot
Leatherbacks Aboard
[mpg] (92.4 MB) 9:03 min
Video demonstrating a technique to bring a leatherback sea turtle aboard a commercial fishing vessel to safely release it from fishing gear.

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green turtle
Green Turtle
(Chelonia mydas)
Photo Credit: Andy Bruckner, NOAA

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