Cooperative Tagging Center (CTC)

Our volunteer tagging program emphasizes highly migratory species (tunas and billfishes).  Since 1954, over 200,000 billfish and tunas have been tagged with our conventional streamer tags, providing valuable information about movement patterns, as well as documenting the rapid rise and resounding success of our catch and release outreach efforts. The CTC works in collaboration with The Billfish Foundation to enhance billfish tagging efforts throughout the Atlantic Ocean and beyond. 

Tagging Kits

We encourage the fishing public and tournament operators to contact us for free tags and tagging kits at 1-800-437-3936 or, by email, at  Our mailing address is:

National Marine Fisheries Service
Southeast Fisheries Science Center
75 Virginia Beach Dr
Miami, FL 33149

The CTC maintains the Cooperative Tagging System (CTS) and also leads research projects into tag development and performance for billfish and endangered marine species.

Conventional Releases

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