TED Regulations

Harvesting Systems personnel demonstrating proper TED measurements
Photo Credit: NOAA

Harvesting Systems personnel demonstrate TED inspection procedures
Photo Credit: NOAA

The following documents are provided to assist fishermen in complying with fisheries regulations regarding the use of TEDs.

Code of Federal Regulations

Title 50, Section 223 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations details the federal laws regarding TED usage.

NOAA Documentation for TED Compliance

The documents appearing below are intended to educate fishermen concerning the criteria federal law enforcement officials will be using to evaluate their compliance in TED usage.

Any of the following TED Openings may be fished inshore. However, only the 71-inch and the Double Cover TED Openings are permissible offshore. Please see 50 CFR 222.102 for further definitions of Inshore and Offshore waters.

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