Protected Resources Branch at the Beaufort Lab

Research conducted by the Protected Resources Branch is governed largely by mandates in:

These laws, in essence, legislate that people occupying coastal areas balance their interests with those of the marine mammals and sea turtles dependent on the same environments.

Research in our lab focuses on how marine mammals and sea turtles use the coastal ecosystems and how human activities affect these animals.

Projects range from using novel techniques to elucidate the stock structure of bottlenose dolphins to long-term assessment of sea turtle populations using local waters as an index site for in-water demographic and health assessment studies.

This research includes:

Although our primary geographic focus is in the waters along the mid-Atlantic coast of the United States, we are involved in national and international projects, with research conducted collaboratively with federal, state, academic, and other partners.

dolphin photo
Bottlenose Dolphin
Photo Credit: SEFSC Beaufort Lab
turtle photo
Loggerhead Turtle
Photo Credit: SEFSC Beaufort Lab


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