Habitat Science

The SEFSC has a long history of conducting ecological research on habitats and their connection to fishery production. With the publication of the Habitat Assessment Improvement Plan (HAIP) [pdf] in 2010, the NMFS has recognized the value of this research and is promoting an expansion of habitat science in the agency. Goals of HAIP include:

The first National Habitat Assessment Workshop (NHAW) was held in St. Petersburg, FL on May 17-20, 2010 in conjunction with the 11th National Stock Assessment Workshop. The meeting included a Joint Session on "Incorporating Habitat Information in Stock Assessments." Proceedings from the joint meeting [pdf] are available online.

The NHAW theme was "Moving Towards a National Habitat Science Program" and breakout sessions were used to discuss improving communication between researchers at Science Centers and managers in Regional Offices. The Session 3 Breakout "How To Implement the Proposed Solutions in the Southeast Region" was facilitated by Tom Minello (SEFSC) and Pace Wilber (SERO). Recommendations from this session included:

This web page should facilitate implementation of these recommendations. Access to SEFSC science products (both peer reviewed publications and technical reports) has now been made available. A search engine allows users to find publications on habitat science.

Habitat Science ListServ

We have initiated a regional Habitat Science ListServ for the Southeast to increase communication between SEFSC scientists, SER habitat managers, and the NOAA Restoration Center. To join the Southeast habitat assessment ListServ, send an email to habitat.assessment.moderator.SE@noaa.gov with "join" in the subject line.

There also is a national Habitat Science ListServ developed to increase communication nationally across scientists, habitat managers, the NOAA Restoration Center, and NOAA headquarters offices. To join the national habitat assessment ListServ, send an email to habitat.assessment.moderator@noaa.gov with "join" in the subject line.

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