Permits and Reporting Requirements for Seafood Dealers

map of dealer locations that have southeast federal permits
Dealers with Southeast federal permits

Need a Dealer Permit?

Visit the Southeast Regional (SERO) Permit Division or Greater Atlantic Region (GARFO) Permit Office for Permits:

Questions about Dealer Reporting?

Landings data from dealers' reports submitted electronically are used to monitor Annual Catch Limits (ACLs) of fisheries, as mandated by Congress's amendment to the Magnuson Stevens Fisheries Conservation and Management Act. Currently the SEFSC monitors ACLs of over 65 species.

*  = As of August 7, 2014
† = Please note that all IFQ landings must also be reported electronically for the GSAD permit  

Coastal Seafood Fisheries Dealers (including Golden Crab) / GSAD Permit Reporting 

Starting August 2014:   Dealers in the fisheries listed above will be required to carry a “Gulf and South Atlantic Dealer” (GSAD) permit.   Reporting for this permit is as follows:  

Landings data from dealers' reports submitted electronically are used to monitor Annual Catch Limits (ACLs) of fisheries as mandated by Congress's amendment to the Magnuson Stevens Fisheries Conservation and Management Act. 

Currently, the SEFSC monitors ACLs of over 65 species and reports this information to SERO.  See SERO's pages for status on ACL monitoring (under "Useful Links" below).

Approved Electronic Methods for Dealer Reporting

Federal dealer purchases must be reported with electronic trip tickets using an approved reporting method.   Software which has been approved for trip ticket data submission by state partners includes:

State Trip Ticket Office Contacts

If more information is needed concerning state trip ticket requirements, please contact your state trip ticket office:

AL Marine Resources Division

Nicole Shaffer

(251) 968-9706

FL Fish and Wildlife Research Institute

Steve Brown

(727) 896-8626

GA Department of Natural Resources

Julie Califf

(912) 264-7218

LA Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

Vince Cefalu or Mike Harden

(225) 765-2376 or (225) 765-2374

MS Department of Marine Resources

Darrin Stewart

(228) 374-5000

NC Division of Marine Fisheries

Alan Bianchi / Grace Kemp

(252) 726-7021 

SC Department of Natural Resources

Amy Dukes

(843) 953-9365

TX Parks and Wildlife Department

Cindy Bohannon

(281) 534-0117,or


  Justin Esslinger

  (361) 729-2328


Bluefin Data LLC

Claude Petersen (225) 744-0807

Useful Links for Coastal Fisheries Dealers:

“Gulf and South Atlantic Dealer” (GSAD) permit - Additional Information

Which fisheries does the GSAD permit cover?   

This permit covers reporting requirements for species covered under the following eight (8) Fishery Management Plans in the three regions (Note: If a plan name does not contain a link, it is available under another region in the list):

Do you Need a GSAD permit? 

The SERO Permits Office has created a Flow Chart to help answer this question.  

Do you need to apply for a GSAD permit if you have other Dealer Permits? Dealers maintaining active permits for GOM reef fish, SA snapper/grouper, and Atlantic dolphin/wahoo will automatically be considered as maintaining the GSAD permit.  The new reporting requirements of weekly electronic reporting (for most fisheries; daily for Gill net King Mackerel in the Gulf of Mexico, West Coast Florida Southern Sub-Zone during open season) will be in effect as of August 7, 2014.  

Useful GSAD Links 

Highly Migratory Species (HMS): Atlantic Tunas, Sharks, Swordfish

Permits and Reporting are required for dealers purchasing the following Highly Migratory Species:

Dealers are no longer required to report to the Southeast Fisheries Science Center, but instead report electronically.  Data are summarized by the HMS Division, Silver Spring, MD.  Information for the HMS Electronic Dealer Reporting System is available and all questions should be directed to the HMS Division Office at 301-427-8503 or email:  To determine if you need a permit or have reporting requirements, the most recent HMS Compliance Guide contains relevant information.

South Atlantic Wreckfish:

Dealers and Vessels 2014 Reporting forms are available:  
Any questions regarding South Atlantic Wreckfish should be directed to Dr. David Gloeckner.