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The Panama City, Florida Laboratory is operated by the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Marine Fisheries Service, Southeast Fisheries Science Center. The National Marine Fisheries Service's mission is stewardship of the nation's living marine resources for the benefit of the nation.

The Panama City Lab performs research relevant to the formulation of rational plans to manage the marine fishery resources of the U.S. South Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico. Our current research program encompasses a spectrum of projects including

Fisheries of primary interest are

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Sawfish Tagging  

Sawfish Tagging

by Dana M. Bethea

Monitoring Juvenile Smalltooth Sawfish Abundance

The cooperative acoustic tagging project between Florida State University’s Coastal and Marine Laboratory and NOAA Fisheries Service is off to an excellent start in 2011.  Researchers on the Smalltooth Sawfish Abundance Survey have captured and tagged 5 neonate and 14 small juvenile animals this year in the Ten Thousand Islands Backcountry Region.  As of July 1, there were 9 juvenile smalltooth sawfish tagged with acoustic tags swimming throughout the 32 station acoustic array in Everglades National Park.

If you see or encounter a smalltooth sawfish, please contact the National Sawfish Encounter Database at (352) 392-2360.  Be prepared to give the date, time, and location of the encounter.  Input and cooperation from the general public is greatly valued.

This research follows permits EVER-2011-SCI-0010 and ESA-13330 and is funded through the NOAA Fisheries Service Southeast Regional Office in St. Petersburg, FL.

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