Fishing Gear Development

loggerhead sea turtle escapes from a TED
A Loggerhead sea turtle escapes from a top-opening TED
Photo Credit: NOAA

turtle excluder device (TED) certification
R/V Caretta during TED certification operations
Photo Credit: NOAA

In recent decades, an ever-increasing demand for fisheries resources has created a critical need for more efficient and environmentally-friendly fishing gear. NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service meets this challenge with its Harvesting Systems Unit.

Tasked with generating new gear and harvesting techniques for the resolution of vital fishery problems, this group seeks to develop innovative technologies and strategies to effectively manage and protect marine resources.

The vast majority of NMFS gear innovation centers around:

Additional Activities

In addition to these primary development areas, the Harvesting Systems Unit has participated in the invention of gear designed to enhance recreational fisheries such as trawlable miniature reefs and a special hook apparatus designed to help undersized/unwanted released fish return to depth.

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